1.     Each participant must be a current member of the South Shore Neptunes Skin Divers’ Club, Inc. upon submitting each entry into the Annual Underwater Video Contest.

2.     Each Video submitted into this contest must be taken in New England waters.

3.     Each year this contest will begin on December 1 and end on November 30.

4.     Each entry must be BETWEEN 1 to 5 minutes in length.

5.     Each entry must be accompanied by an official registration form.

6.     Any and all current SSN club member may enter this contest 1 time per year.  Each video submitted is from one dive only. 

7.     Each contestant is responsible for acquiring his/her own video equipment and must perform their own editing.


8.     The contestant will give the club a digitized file of their entry.  The file will be of a type that is current and readable by the club’s software at the time.  The process to transfer the file to the club will be any agreed upon method.  For example, the current transfer would include, file attached to email, file on a thumb drive, file copied to a shared drive. 


9.       The club will own all entered video to do with as it sees fit.  This would include posting to all mediums the club is using or will use in the future.  The contestant will indemnify and hold the South Shore Neptunes Skin Divers’ Club, Inc. and all of its assigns harmless for and against all claims arising from the use of any and all entries submitted.


10.   The video must include a title frame which lists at a minimum, Name, Date of dive, location of dive, Title of video.



a.     The video should contain above water views and narrate at the start and finish and location details

b.     The video should end with post dive above water conclusion including stats of bottom time, water temp, visibility, etc.

c.      Length of Video should be 2-3 minutes.  Viewers will be watching a lot of similar videos.



The annual prize awarded for the best judged Video, will be presented at that year’s Annual Awards Banquet (traditionally held in either January or February of that following year). The judges will consist of the Officers and Board of Directors of the year the Video was submitted into this contest. However, if the person entering this contest is either an Officer or member of the Board of Directors, he/she is not qualified to vote on his/her entry. Judging will take place during a closed session of the last Board Meeting of that year (in December) and will remain confidential until the evening of the Awards Banquet.  All Video will be sent to the chairperson of digital media(see #9)  and their accompanying completed registration forms are to be presented to the Vice-President during the course of the year and maintained by the Vice- President until the last Board Meeting of the year where voting will take place.