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Welcome to the South Shore Neptunes Archives. The South Shore Neptunes were founded in the year 1955 by a group of enthusiastic skin divers and first met in the cellar of a home in the town of Holbrook. Over the years the Club has been involved with many different aspects of Diving. The archives page will include some of the recognition and achievements the South Shore Neptunes or members have received. It also includes some of the other orginazations that members of the Neptunes have started. this includes the Quincy Underwater Recovery Team, The Bay State Councl of Divers and Quincy Underwater Rugby. The following pictures and articles were scanned in from the albums in the clubhouse I hope you enjoy them. I will be adding more to this site, so come back and check it out.

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South Shore Neptunes

Certificate Front Certificate Back Club Logo Leaning lighthouse Program Front
Program Back Sea Rovers 1996 Chester Polling Report Newspaper Aug 1980 Meeting minutes 1962
Mission22 Tournament Sober up Dive 1976

Quincy Underwater Recovery Team

On October 4 1960 radio and television stations sent out an urgent plea for scuba divers across New England to head into Boston's Logan Airport. A four engine commercial airliner had crashed on take-off. Members of the South Shore Neptunes spent the entire night searching for survivors and recovering the bodies of those who perished. After this incident Steve Burg, Nix Elgin and John Blackadar utilized 10 to 12 members of the South Shore Neptunes and formed the Quincy Underwater Recovery team. Over the years the underwater recovery team have been called many times to recover the body of those who have perished in the water. These archive will list Newspaper articles of some of the people we have recovered.


Michael Enwright Robert Climo Missing Lois Bumpus Fredrick Janik
Mark Grossa Joseph Curly clean up Susan Hedderig Joseph Curly
Robert McLean Deborah & Nancy Michael Enwright Michael Manton Thomas Richards
Robert Climo Patricia Dalton David Yalowchuk Car Recovery Joseph curly
Joseph Curley Scuba Classes Car Recover Stolen Car Robert Cooper


Car Recovered William Moore Stolen Car Ice Dive Ice Dive
Lobster Theft skindiver weekend Charles Barton 1 Charles Barton 2 U859 and Blackpoint 1
U859 and Blackpoint 2 U859 and Blackpoint 3 Unknown Person recovered

4 part newspaper article about the start of the dive team

Dive Team 1 Dive Team 2 Dive Team 3 Dive Team 4


Ice Dive Skeleton Carl Cherubini Bernard Killion Mike Lamarre Sailing
Body Recovery Billy Smith 1 Billy Smith 2 Billy Smith 3
Wollston Beach Search 1 Wollston Beach Search 2 Wollston Beach Search 3 Paul Gooch 1 Paul Gooch 2
Paul Gooch 3 Paul Gooch 4

Tina Leach

Tina Leach 1 Tina Leach 2 Tina Leach 3 Tina Leach 4 Tina Leach 4
Tina Leach 5 Tina Leach 6 Tina Leach 7 Tina Leach 8 Tina Leach 9
Tina Leach 10 Tina Leach 11 Tina Leach 12 Tina Leach 13 Tina Leach 14


David Fuller Karen Hammond Karen Hammond Sonia Leal P.J. McDonough


Patrick Coughlin

Some Letters of Thanks and Appreciation the Dive team have received over the years

Cub Scouts Christopher Joyce Chief Finn Capt Ferrazzi William
Ledger Article William Koster Mayor McCauley Christmas Parade Town of Framingham
Milton Civil Defense Mayor Chiesa

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